Associate Professor Jane Harries

Associate Professor Jane Harries
Women's Health Research Unit
School of Public Health and Family Medicine
Tel:  021 406 6798
Jane Harries is Associate Professor in the Women’s Health Research Unit in the School of Public Health at the University of Cape Town. She has led a core team of researchers, research assistants, administrators and post graduate students. Her research expertise lies across the broad spectrum of sexual and reproductive health and rights and includes randomised controlled trials, clinical trials, cohort studies and qualitative research studies. Jane has been successful in collaborating both nationally, regionally and internationally. The research generated is often translational with direct advocacy to improving policy and practice in sexual and reproductive health and gender health issues.  Jane continues to enjoy a high international standing in the field of sexual and reproductive health with a focus on abortion and unplanned pregnancies and was awarded an ad hominem promotion by the University of Cape Town based on the recognition to my contribution to women’s sexual and reproductive health both nationally and internationally.  Jane was a recipient in 2017 of a Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Grand Challenges award for a study titled: A multidimensional approach to inform family planning needs, preferences and behaviours amongst women in South Africa.