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Departmental Research Committee

Message from the DRC Chair

The School of Public Health and Family Medicine has a vibrant research enterprise that has grown in size and complexity over the past years.  The diversity of our research and researchers remains one of the core strengths that has enabled the department’s research enterprise to flourish.  Our researchers engage in research that is not limited to empirical, methodological and policy across many disciplines.  The quality of our research outputs and their relevance to public health issues in South Africa and beyond speak to the calibre of researchers at the School.  The School’s Departmental Research Committee (DRC) is a critical arm that remains committed to easing the research journeys for our staff and students.  We aim to do this through our regular seminars, review of research proposals and advice to students and staff on evolving processes at the University and beyond. I want to encourage you to continue to visit our webpage for updates and useful information that would make your research journey enjoyable.  The DRC is committed to service and to ensuring that every staff and student is happy to be part of the School of Public Health and Family Medicine, a place where multidisciplinary, interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary research thrives favourably.

Jill Olivier


Meet the Chairs

         A/Prof Jill Olivier
            Dr Tasleem Ras        Dr Tamsin Phillips
Liza Smith
            Deputy Chair            Deputy Chair
Administrative Assistant

The School of Public Health and Family Medicine's Department Research Committee (DRC) provides guidance and support to staff and students on all research related activities to ensure compliance with UCT's Faculty of Health Sciences Procedures as outlined in the Guidance document for DRC​ Members.

Revised DHET Policy for the recognition of research publications.  More details on the full policy