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Dr Maylene Shung King

Maylene Shung King

Assoc Professor Maylene Shung King

Dept. of Public Health & Family Medicine
TitleAssoc Professor
NameMaylene Shung King
Work Telephone021 406 6580
Primary Email
DepartmentDept. of Public Health & Family Medicine
Other AffiliationsHealth Policy and Systems


Maylene Shung King is a medical doctor, with further training in public health.

Her special interest is the child health and her recent child health policy and research focus has been on school health and the furtherance of the National Integrated School Health Programme goals. She is also integrally involved in a partnership to develop leadership capacity in the Western Cape province.

She is the convenor of : the Oliver Tambo Fellowship programme, a Postgraduate Diploma in Health Management; the Leadership Module of the Postgraduate Diploma in Community Paediatrics and Child Health; and she teaches on the Health Policy and Planning module of the Master in Public Health programme

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