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Master of Science in Epidemiology and Biostatistics

Programme in brief

The programme is taught as a series of semester length courses (sometimes called modules) which are compulsory for the degree, plus dissertation.  

  • Candidates will need to complete 8 courses plus a minor dissertation, achievable in 24 months of full‐time study or longer with part‐time study.

  • The programme convenor will help you identify a supervisor if accepted into the programme.

  • First intake will be for study starting in 2022

Entry requirements

Minimum entry requirements are: 

  • An appropriate 4‐year Bachelors course, 4 year Honours course or any degree recognised by the University Senate as equivalent; 

  • Has attained at least a C-grade pass in higher grade Senior Certificate Mathematics or an equivalent recognised by Senate for the purpose; and 

  • A formal test of English proficiency is required of applicants from non‐English speaking countries. 

In addition, a candidate will be required to submit evidence of previous academic performance, work history, and research output or involvement in research, and a 500 word typed essay setting out (i) his/her reasons for doing the course, and (ii) the ways in which she/he envisages the programme will improve his/her skills and abilities related to quantitative health sciences research.

Application procedure

Note that all applications to the UCT MSc Epidemiology and Biostatistics must go via the University’s central admissions process, and can be completed online

For information about the Programme, please see the Brochure

Contact Us:

For administrative and general enquiries:


Mrs Jolene Brooks, Programme Administrator


Phone: 021 406 6578

For academic enquiries:


A/Prof Maia Lesosky, Programme Convenor

Email: Maia.Lesosky@uct.ac.za

Phone: 021 650 4532