Congratulations to MMed students who passed the College of Medicine Exams

31 Oct 2018 - 11:00

Congratulations to all MMed students in the School who passed the College of Medicine Examination in October 2018. 

Kirsty Bobrow passed her College of Public Health Medicine exams this month.  She is currently completing a prestigious fellowship in California and once she has completed her registrar time, she will be welcomed as a new specialist in Public Health Medicine.

Anthony Nya, Samuel Sobamowo and Theophilus Sobamowo passed their College of Medicine exams.  The Division of Family Medicine is immensely proud of this achievement and are confident that they will soon complete the remainder of their degree and contribute to Africa as fully-fledged Family Physicians.

Faisal Al Badri and Nick van de Water passed their occupational medicine fellowship exams with the Colleges of Medicine of South Africa. They will also be graduating from UCT with their MMed, having passed their theses with distinction.

Well done to all of them!