iALARM and CIDER Poster Workshop

24 Oct 2018 - 13:45

The iALARM (Using Information to Align Services and Link and Retain Men in the HIV Cascade) project uses health information to increase men’s linkage to HIV care. Monthly meetings of health facility staff, community-based organisations, individual health activists and academics provide a forum for communication and co-ordination, and a platform for innovation in service design and delivery for men with HIV.

In these meetings, there has been much discussion about the absence of posters and media focusing on men’s health. In response, community health activists began to design locally-relevant media but lacked training in effective poster-making. On 15 September 2018, iALARM (including staff from the Division of Social & Behavioural Sciences and CIDER, School of Public Health & Family Medicine, UCT) hosted a poster-making workshop for 12 community health activists from the Movement for Change and Social Justice and Sonke Gender Justice.

The workshop was facilitated by Trish de Villiers. An artist and illustrator, Ms de Villiers was one of the founders of the poster workshop at the Community Arts Project, Woodstock, in Cape Town. She later worked as a trainer for the CAP Media Project, which was responsible for the majority of the political posters and T-shirts produced in the Western Cape as well as many large scale banners for political events. CAP was regarded as one of the most active centres using print media as a means of social transformation.

The workshop helped participants decide on their target audience/s and main message/s. Participants chose text and images from magazines and newspapers and workshopped these into posters. The workshop was highly interactive, and positive feedback included:

  • “the workshop for me was perfect”
  • “we were given a chance to voice out and bring in our own experience”
  • “like why we made a post[er] to attract people. I know today why we made it”
  • “nothing needs to be improved we just need to proceed to the next level”