Open Day at Vredenburg Provincial Hospital

27 Nov 2018 - 13:00

The University of Cape Town’s Vredenburg Rural Training site organised and hosted an Open Day at the Vredenburg Provincial Hospital for the second consecutive year on 26 July 2018. All high schools in the catchment area were invited and 5 schools brought along 28 Grade 11 and 12 scholars to come and find out more about different career opportunities within the health care sector.

UCT lecturers, hospital staff, community service officers and health sciences students rotating here during that time were all actively involved in talking to the scholars about their different professions and demonstrating some of their activities and/or equipment at the different stalls. These stalls included Family Medicine talking about being a doctor (and health promotion), Physiotherapy, Occupational therapy, Nursing, Speech and Audiology and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) with the Primary Health Care directorate facilitating the discussion about entry criteria for health sciences into UCT.

It was a morning of fun for all, ending off with a nice cup of coffee for the teachers and a sandwich and juice for the scholars. This day showcased shared knowledge about medical careers, the University and the hospital in the community.

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