Current Students

Coursework timetables

We aim to publish timetables at least 3 months before the upcoming semester. Please note that venue updates are emailed directly to students throughout the semester through the weekly scheduling update.

2018 Semester 1 Timetable

Please note that the timetable changes from year to year, and that previous years’ timetables may not reflect future course timing. Generally, courses with an “F” code are offered in the first semester (eg, PPH7029F); and courses with an “S” code are offered in the second semester (eg, PPH7095S); but this can also change year-to-year based on lecturer availability and other issues. We typically schedule courses to ensure that the mandatory courses for each track, and the sample course selections for each track listed at the back of the programme brochure, can be taken as shown. If you have a question about course scheduling, please contact the course administrators.


Your supervisor and/or track convenor is the main point of contact for questions about your MPH mini-dissertation. Click here for the general guidelines on the mini-dissertation approval process (including forms and signatures for ethical review, proposal submission, and final dissertation submission).

Information on the UCT Writing Centre can be found here.


New and returning students - remember that emails through the MPH VULA site remain the primary means of communication with students. To make sure you receive all programme communications, please be sure that any non-UCT email address that you use is included on the VULA site (eg, a gmail or non-UCT work email). If you would like to have any email addresses added, please contact Jolene Brooks or Nazlie Farista.


2018 UCT Fees Handbook

Please remember that student fees are subject to increases on an annual basis.


Postgraduate Office

The UCT Postgraduate Office maintains a “hub” with news on new opportunities for learning, working, funding, and careers.