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Health Policy and Systems



Head of Division:  Professor Lucy Gilson

BA(Hons) Oxford MA East Anglia PhD London

Welcome to the Health Policy and Systems Division

The Health Policy and Systems Division is particularly interested in better understanding the dynamics of health policy change and health system development, with particular concern for issues of governance and stewardship, the dynamics of policy implementation, and the role of the health system in enabling health equity and public value. We have a particular, but not exclusive, focus on South Africa and Africa.

We conduct interdisciplinary work, based in policy analysis and broader social science and humanities perspectives and drawing on a range of methodological approaches. Specific issues of focus include: trust and power in health system relationships; the role of community and non-state actors in health systems; child health and health financing issues.

We also currently welcome prospective PhD students in four main areas of work, whilst being open to other ideas: Policy change and health systems development (with particular interests in policy implementation and health system governance); leadership and leadership development within the health system; health system resilience and responsiveness; and community systems in interaction with the health system.


Contact Information:

Health Policy and Systems Division
School of Public Health and Family Medicine
Faculty of Health Sciences
University of Cape Town
South Africa

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