Postgraduate Diploma in Health Economics

Applications for the 2020 Postgraduate Diploma in Health Economics is now open

The Postgraduate Diploma in Health Economics is a two-year part-time mixed mode programme aimed primarily at full time employees of governments (Ministries of Health and Finance), health insurance schemes, and international organisations. It is designed to contribute to meeting the need for strategic purchasing skills development, with a strong emphasis on economic evaluation – a core skill for strategic purchasing.


Year One

-          Introduction to Health Economics

-          The Economics of Health Systems

-          Priority Setting and Health Care Decision-Making

-          Key Features of Economic Evaluation

Year Two

-          Economic Evaluation for Health Care Decision-Making

-          Strategic Purchasing 1

-          Strategic Purchasing 2 – Influencing Providers

-          Strengthening Progress to Universal Coverage

 At the start of each module, learners receive a login and password that allows them to access the course materials from VULA (an online learning environment). Learners are also assigned a tutor who can be contacted at any time with specific questions. Detailed feedback is given on assignments. A two week contact session is offered annually which gives learners the opportunity to interact with their fellow learners and tutors, and to broaden skills by engaging in “real-life” case studies.

Class of 2018

The course is designed for graduates in social or health sciences. The entry requirement is at least an undergraduate degree in economics, health or social sciences, or equivalent, from an approved university.

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