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Postgraduate Teaching

The SBS Track in the MPH Programme

The Master of Public Health Programme (MPH) at UCT has been growing steadily since its inception almost 15 years ago.  As it has grown, specialist ‘tracks’ have been added in the areas of epidemiology, clinical research, health economics, and health systems.

A new track in ‘Social and Behavioural Sciences’ (SBS) will be available to students starting in 2015.  The core SBS MPH courses are:

  • Public Health and Society
  • Gender and Health
  • Health and Human Rights
  • Qualitative Research Methods
  • Qualitative Data Analysis
  • Introduction to Epidemiology

The other four elective courses can be taken from among the other MPH course offerings.  In addition, up to two elective courses may be taken outside of the School.

Students in the SBS track will also be required to produce a mini-dissertation for their Master’s thesis that uses theory and method from the social and behavioural sciences. 

To learn more about the SBS track, please look at our SBS Track Handbook.

PhD Supervision

The Division also offers PhD supervision and is currently hosting 7 PhD students.  The PhD in Public Health is by research only.  Interested students should ensure that there are qualified supervisors available in the Division in their area of interest. 

The South African Social Science and HIV (SASH) Programme

The South African Social Sciences and HIV (SASH) Programme is a central component in the Division’s platform for supporting social and behavioural science teaching and research.  It is funded by a five-year, R20 million grant from the NIH, awarded jointly to UCT and Brown University in the US.  The SASH Programme represents a major opportunity to grow the health social sciences teaching and research in the School of Public Health and Family Medicine, and in the Faculty of Health Sciences more broadly. Its focus is on teaching and training and its many component activities are providing a critical source of focus and momentum for the Division.  For more information on the SASH Programme, and its flagship initiative, the SASH Fellows Programme, please visit http://www.sashprogramme.org/.