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Social and Behavioural Sciences

Acting Head of Division:  Professor Landon Myer

Advert:  Head of Division

Welcome to the Division of Social and Behavioural Sciences

The Division of Social and Behavioural Sciences (SBS) coordinates the School’s teaching and research activities in the social and behavioural sciences.  Social and behavioural science research offers insight into the “how” and “why” questions in public health. Teaching and training in these disciplines offers students and professionals a diverse range of skills that can be applied in varied contexts.

Please take some time to explore the information in our website.  You can find information on the classes we teach, the post-graduate students in our Division, our areas of research interest and recent publications, upcoming DSBS events, and our engagement with communities, civil society and government organisations in South Africa and abroad.

To learn more about the work we do, please look at our Welcome Booklet which outlines our research projects, our core teaching areas as well as introduces you to our team.



Contact Information:

Division of Social and Behavioural Sciences
School of Public Health and Family Medicine
Faculty of Health Sciences
University of Cape Town
South Africa

Research Administrator:  Ms Ruvimbo Chigwanda
Tel: +27 21 650 1487
Fax:+27 21 406 6459
Email:  Ruvimbo Chigwanda