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Committee Chairs

Olufunke Alaba, Chair



Email:  Olufunke Alaba




Olufunke Alaba is a Senior Lecturer in the Health Economics Unit and convenor of the Health Economics track in the Master of Public Health Programme. She is involved in teaching and research of health economics and health policy issues as well as the application of various Economic principles and tools to understanding and improving health outcomes, observed differentials in health and health outcomes, promoting economic growth and development.  Olufunke joined the Transformation Committee as Chair in February 2020.

Kirsty Brittain, Co-Chair



Email:  Kirsty Brittain





Kirsty Brittain is a Research Officer and PhD student in the Division of Epidemiology and Biostatistics. Her research interests include psychosocial aspects of maternal, child and adolescent health, including adherence and engagement in HIV care, behavioural risk factors, and mental health problems. Her current work focusses on pregnant and postpartum women living with HIV, with a particular emphasis on HIV-status disclosure and experiences of stigma. She teaches Introduction to Epidemiology as part of the Master of Public Health programme.


Terms of Reference

Health Sciences Students' Council Sensitisation Booklet 2019

Mental Health Working Group Report 2019