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Diploma / MPhil in Palliative Medicine

The programmes in Palliative Medicine are designed for experienced doctors who wish to gain expertise in the practical management of patients with non curable and terminal illness as well as some aspects of oncology and HIV care.

The extra-mural programmes take advantage of distance and practice-based learning techniques which are particularly suitable for palliative care.

The Masters programme is a 2-year coursework based degree and includes a research component which may be completed in year 3. This is appropriate to doctors working in hospices or in family medicine. The Diploma programme is a 18-month course and is designed for general practitioners and hospital medical officers.

Packs of reading material as up to date information on modern palliative medicine will be sent to students. The study packs form the basis of learning material. The course is supported by WebCT and internet access is a requirement. There are regular case-based assignments to be completed which provide the basis of in-course assessments. The Diploma in Palliative Medicine is designed a part time 18 month course and will require a time commitment of approximately 5 hours per week for a 42 weeks in year 1 and 24 weeks in year 2. The MPhil in Palliative Medicine follows a similar format to the Diploma for the coursework (Part 1). Part 2 of the MPhil in Palliative Medicine is the research component and requires the submission of a mini-dissertation. The coursework comprises 8 modules: principles of Palliative Care, Psychosocial Palliative Care, Symptom Management, Paediatric Palliative Care, Oncology, HIV/AIDS, Ethics of End-of-Life care, Palliative Care in Chronic Disease.

There will be a 3 day workshop period for contact learning every 6 months at the University of Cape Town. Students are encouraged to bring there own experience and expertise to assignments and workshops as we recognize the wealth of experience held by our students and that the benefit of the programmes in palliative medicine is in strengthening palliative care practice in the studentís workplace.

Further details of the course will be sent to successful applicants.

There are a number of grants available should you wish to apply for financial assistance.

Course administrator

Email: Mrs Naomi Fray

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