What is the difference between the School of Public Health and Family Medicine’s PGDip in Health Management and the GSB PGDip in Management Practice specialising in Leadership in Health Care offered by theGraduate School of Business?


The SOPH&FM PGDip in Health Management …..


is a long-established and dedicated health leadership and management course. It is targeted at current and aspiring health managers, working inside, or with, the public sector, in generalist or clinical management roles. It aims to support participants’ personal and professional development as health leaders committed to improving the health system for the benefit of all people. Its four integrated modules provide insight into the complexity of health system environments and introduce practical approaches to problem solving and leading change for health system improvement. They also pay particular attention to the importance of personal reflective practice and team leadership, and the programme is structured to support the immediate application of new skills in the workplace. On completion, graduates will have renewed commitment to their role as health leaders, be equipped to work more effectively and be inspired to innovate in pursuit of health system improvement.


The GSB PGDip in Management Practices with the specialisation option in Leadership in Health Care ….

is a new offering at the GSB which is aimed at junior to middle managers and specialised individuals who would like to advance their careers in the public or private Health Sector. The PGDip in Management is seen as a practice-orientated programme with action learning components in the work field in which theory is tested. Through the unique pedagogy a transfer of the learning takes place inherently.  This qualification provides a learning opportunity grounded in systems thinking for students to enhance their own Management Practices with a focus on: Leadership, Emerging Markets and Business Administration which is then applied to the Health Care industry. The specialisation course (8 days) offers an engagement into specific complexities such as health care economics, health reform challenges and changes, Governance in public/private Health institutions and Innovations in Public-Private Healthcare partnerships.


In summary: the key differentiator between the two programmes is the scope of knowledge on which they are based. The GSB PGDip is founded on the broader field of Management Practice for emerging markets, equipping students to work in a broad range of business environments, including the health care industry, whereas the FHS PGDip is a dedicated Health Leadership and Management programme, providing students with a deeper knowledge and practice base of specific relevance to the public health sector.