Benchmarking visit for postgraduate occupational health course at Univ of Botswana

9 Mar 2020 - 09:30

The Occupational Medicine Division hosted Dr Tiny Masupe, Assistant Program Director Public Health Medicine and Senior Lecturer, Department of Family Medicine & Public Health in the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Botswana. The Division is supporting the development of a postgraduate Diploma in Occupational Health in Botswana, as part of its broader mission to develop Centres of Excellence in occupational and environmental health in the Southern African region. This initiative follows on from a similar collaboration in 2012 by the School to develop public health training, which is successfully running.



Picture: Prof Mohamed Jeebahy (Head: Occupational Division, UCT), Dr Tiny Masupe (University of Botswana) and Assoc. Prof Shahieda Adams (Convenor: DOH, UCT)